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Triple Digits!!!

Yay, I’ve finally exceeded double digits in terms of posting. Many of you elitist fuckshitsmoar famouz broggerz may be asking why I’m celebrating such an insignificant milestone, well, here are a few reasons for me to do so.

1) I’m just a friendly(to a certain extent to certain people) neighbourhood spider-manblogger who writes in his/her free time, unlike some elitist fuckshitsfamouz broggerz.

2) I find it amazing I’ve had the attention span for this(Go me?). Unlike certain elitist fuckshits broggerz whose traffic is likely to be bot-generatedwho live to blog (No blog, no life).

3) Because I want to. Take that, elitist fuckshits.

Yum... All <s>those moe little girls</s>that delicious caek, I must have some.

Yum... All those moe little girlsthat delicious caek. I muz haz sum.

Anyways, here’s some caek. Take a piece and pass it on. I would have made references to certain elitist fuckshitsbroggerz in this post, but I would just be attracting flames, along with links from phishing posts. Either it would increase my traffic, so I’m tempted to say “Take that, elitist fuckshits!Thank you for the traffic.” But being the nice guy I am, I won’t.

To all my remaining(and probably recurring) readers, thank you for making this possible.


B-Side 機動戦士ガンダム00キャラクターズ ガシャポンフィギュア 王留美(ワン・リューミン)

Yay, first try too. Maybe I’ll try for the rest next time. Less talk, some pictures.




And… that’s it for now. More pictures when I decide to get all of them.


Well, it’s Mother’s Day. The day to celebrate the person who went through 8 months of labor to bring you safely into this world. Be grateful, you ingrates.

With parents like these, who needs a fiance/fiancee? (Delete where appropriate)

With parents like these, who needs a fiance/fiancee? (Delete where appropriate)

Heh, am I hypocritical. I don’t even bother that much with my mother. Shows you what kind of son I am.

Lightening The Moon, I mean, Mood

Seems like all I could do with my previous post was to cause some very contained controversy within the minds of whatever readers I have left.

Oh well, mindfuck is one of the things I like to do anyways. So, I’ll just cut straight to the chase.

First up, I probably won’t bother updating the blog’s links, images and whatnot any time in the near future, for the simple reason that I hate having to keep packing up my laptop every night for school the next day (I do all my work on my laptop, so it makes sense for me to do all my work on one box). Next, I won’t bother writing much either, because unlike many other bloggers who take blogging quite seriously, almost to the point of being zealots. I know I’m just asking for flames with that line, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’ve noticed that many “elite” bloggers seem to think that everyone should be impressed by the stuff they have accomplished as implied by their tone (yes, tone is quite obvious in irc, contrary to popular belief). Frankly, I believe that some people’s traffic is bot-generated, but who am I to judge them?


Yes, Nanoha-san is wearing a sling. No, I won’t tell you why now.

That’s all for now.

Coming Clean

I’ve noticed that many people act completely differently behind their monitors and real life. Some people who constantly flame and insult others are in truth, sad little children or people who didn’t really get much love and attention, deserved or undeserved, when they were growing up. Whereas people who seem easy to talk to online are really people who are really mean in real life. Usually, they tend to create a facade to hide behind online, since unlike real life, no one knows who you are, and if you’ve just started participating in an online community, there are no rumors or anything that would define what kind of person you are. Of course, while there are people who put up a farce online, there are also people who only show their true selves online. A person who is really friendly in real life could be a cyberbully, or a person who hates socializing is very easy to get along with online. Me? I’m the kind of person who shows who I really am online, but only to people I know I can trust.
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Yes, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote anything for this blog… Or rather, anything that has nothing to do with me wishing everyone a happy <insert festival>… This time, I shall try something stupid: I shall try to write most of this post in my mediocre moonspeak. Why? It’s just a test to myself. My command of the language is not that good, but at least I’m trying to improve myself. So here’s a simple statement, not a threat, not a warning, just a simple statement; No flames. But I guess by simply saying that, I’m just attracting them. Oh well, there’s always the “delete”, “mark as spam” and “unapprove” functions.


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ま、その感じです… 私、本当に寂しいです… 取り敢えず、バレンタインデーおめでとう。


And now time for this ronery fool to celebrate my own valentine’s day…

…with my figmas…

As of 28th June 2009, フェイダムさん is now dead.

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