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Yes, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote anything for this blog… Or rather, anything that has nothing to do with me wishing everyone a happy <insert festival>… This time, I shall try something stupid: I shall try to write most of this post in my mediocre moonspeak. Why? It’s just a test to myself. My command of the language is not that good, but at least I’m trying to improve myself. So here’s a simple statement, not a threat, not a warning, just a simple statement; No flames. But I guess by simply saying that, I’m just attracting them. Oh well, there’s always the “delete”, “mark as spam” and “unapprove” functions.


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Figure Releases #3

It’s that time again, where I look for news of new figure releases. I really need to start getting first hand news…

First up, Atelier-Sai is coming up with this set of 1/10 scale Seifuku(Uniform) Body Collection Color Variation. Here’s what one of them looks like.

I would so build the remaining of the body, or at least use the ears for an accessory for a Figma… These “figures” will be released in January next year for 819円 each. News from GA Graphic, the rest of the set is also shown there.

Next up, also from Atelier-Sai, is this set of 4 awesome looking mechas for their Shining Blade series of figures.

I would so collect all 4 of them. But first I would check if any local stores have them before choosing to buy them online. These knights will be available this winter and will retail for 945円 each. News from and pictures of the other 3 knight available at GA Graphic.

More from Atelier-Sai… This is the third installment of their Duel Maid series, aptly named Duel Maid 3, repainted in formal colors.

Not bad, eh? These cuties will be available in December this year retailing for 945円 each. News from GA Graphic.

Next up by Megatre is this very nicely sculpted figure of Garuru from Kamen Rider Kiba as part of their Arts Work Limited series.

Detailing is very high, Kamen Rider fans will (most likely and hopefully) not be disappointed. Garuru will be released in Febuary next year for 6,250円. News via Hobby Channel.

Last but not least is this Revoltech of Reina from Queen’s Blade.

Nice? I’m not sure, I’m not really a fan of Revoltech myself. Reina will be available in May next year, price not available yet. More info over at Hobby Channel.

Revoltech Fun

I knew Revoltech was highly customizable, but I didn’t expect the Fraulein line to have that much play value as well.

More pictures at Moeyo. Apparently there’s a new Fraulein Revoltech on the market; Futamai Ami from The Idolm@ster. Anyways, enjoy.

As of 28th June 2009, フェイダムさん is now dead.

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