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Full Set Getto!


Finally got the full set, since last Sunday… Got a total of 4 extras in the process, at least it beats the UFO catcher, where you don’t always get something. Just a teaser for now, even though I have a relatively free week, I have other more important things to do. I’ll do the rest when I feel like it.

Don’t ask for the extras, I know what I’m going to do with them. I wasn’t really paying attention to where Nena’s eyes were facing, so I apologize for the epic fail.


B-Side 機動戦士ガンダム00キャラクターズ ガシャポンフィギュア 王留美(ワン・リューミン)

Yay, first try too. Maybe I’ll try for the rest next time. Less talk, some pictures.




And… that’s it for now. More pictures when I decide to get all of them.

Destiny Ippaisugi

I still need the Set 18 one...

I still need the Set 18 one... Promo ver. on the left, Dramatic Booster ver. on the right

Seeing as I still have to wait for any news about my holiday job application, i decided to look around my room, which I haven’t gotten around to packing yet. I found my old Gundam War cards from back when I was a card playing junkie… And as you can see, I couldn’t resist taking this shot. The one on the left is the one from my deck, while the one on the right sits in the album. However, unlike Yu-Gi-oh!other card games which feature different art for completely identical cards, these are actually different from each other. I wonder if I should just resume buying them for collection…

Stamp of Approval

Simul-post on both my blog and

I got bored during the afternoon but wasn’t motivated to do my tutorial, so I decided to do this instead.


I’m going to fail my exams if I don’t start studying now…

1/144 Exia Kit-bash

Well, I managed to work out a new formula this morning, which is…

(Boredom + Revision Period + Free Time) X Runs an anime/otaku blog = Random Post

Well, you can’t admit it’s wrong, but I can’t prove that it’s right either…

As I mentioned in the 4th installment of the 4koma, Exia got broken and is undergoing massive cosmetic surgery. So I decided to post what Exia currently looks like in the middle of his surgery, which has been going on for 75 hours at the moment, due to surgeons lacking tools to properly reconstruct him.

Feel free to critique my modeling and photography skills anytime now.

I decided to repaint the white part encasing the orb on Exia’s chest in metallic red, but I haven’t reattached the red parts on the sides of his waist. I also repainted the horns of his V-fin yellow to give him the standard Gundam colors.

Next up, I attached a cannon onto Exia’s right shoulder, and as you can clearly see, the part where the GN Beam Saber is supposed to be attached to is broken off, which is why I’m kit-bashing Exia in the first place.

Clearly, not a lot of progress being made…

Just in case you’re wondering, the green and yellow foot belongs to my HGUC GM Striker and the red foot belongs to my 1/144 HG Wing Zero Custom, who are currently pinned down by 1 metric gram of rubble and junk.

And here’s one to you experienced Gunpla builders, what else should Exia have? My goal is to turn him from close-combat specialist to multi-purpose mobile suit.

That Sure Looks Like Shit

I was looking around my desk for stuff to move around and I stumbled across my old GN Astray which was tucked away on my rack. I decided that before he moves off to storage, he should at least spend a week on display and get his own little photoshoot.

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Suddenly Acquired Gundam (Yes, SAG…)

Well, like any other Sunday, I come back from my Japanese class. Tired and hungry, I did not care about the big new shiny PS3 or the two big bags sitting next to it.

… Okay, I would be lying if I said I didn’t notice them, I just didn’t pay them much mind. After a quick drink, I went to look inside one of the bags. Apparently, inside one of them were two No Grade RX-78-2 kits.

Apparently these are Genteiban clear color RX-78-2s. So I can only imagine where they came from, not that I’m telling anyway. One thing about these things is that you need at least 3 for these clear versions, or 2 if they are just clear colored. One for opaque colors, one for clear colors and the last for complete clear color. At any rate, since I only have two, I’ll have to make do for awhile until I find a way to get more. But these will have to wait, since my Star GaoGaiGar and Goldymarg are waiting for me…

As mentioned in that post, I require materials for the job, which includes paint, top coat, super clear or finishing, maybe surfacer and/or white base and primer.

But for the people who do read this, fret not… I still have at least 3 figure reviews to do while I save the money to buy them materials or suddenly acquire them like these RX-78-2s… These reviews include, but in no particular order…
1) Pachira from Renkin 3-Kyuu Magical? Pokaan by Max Factory
2) Fate Testarossa from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s by Alter
3) Liu Meifeng (or Ryu Mei Fen for you furigana readers) from Shuraki Trinity by Good Smile

Hopefully, this is enough for you… If not, someone help me Suddenly Acquire my materials…

But before I go, here are the boxes…

Futago kana…?

As of 28th June 2009, フェイダムさん is now dead.

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