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Yes, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote anything for this blog… Or rather, anything that has nothing to do with me wishing everyone a happy <insert festival>… This time, I shall try something stupid: I shall try to write most of this post in my mediocre moonspeak. Why? It’s just a test to myself. My command of the language is not that good, but at least I’m trying to improve myself. So here’s a simple statement, not a threat, not a warning, just a simple statement; No flames. But I guess by simply saying that, I’m just attracting them. Oh well, there’s always the “delete”, “mark as spam” and “unapprove” functions.


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Figma Yagami Hayate

AT LONG LAST! Good Smile has finally put up a page on her!

The figma of my favorite kansai-ben speaking mage is confirmed to be released in January next year! Hayate-chan goes for 2,800円. More pictures over at Good Smile’s page on her!

Figure Releases #6

More figures releases… That’s 2 for today.

First up, Atelier-Sai’s 1/8 scale figure of Etheldreda from Demonbane.

It’s things like these make me feel happy that I’m a lolicon… Etheldreda retails for 6,500円 in February next year. News via GA Graphic.

Next up, Chara-ani is releasing a set of 2 figures of Shana and Yoshida Kazumi.

Rejoice, Shana fans. This moe-licious duo(with contrasting bust sizes as well) will be released in January next year. More over at Ami-ami’s page on them.

Next up, this super loli-moe-licious 1/4 scale figure of Kokonoe Rin in her PE uniform aka. bloomers by FREEing.

I almost came in my pants. Anyways, Rin will be released in January next year for 11,800円. Fitting price given her size. See more at Good Smile’s Page on her.

Next up, is this 1/8 scale figure of Nagi from Kannagi by FREEing.

I love the way her skirt is that short… Anyways, Nagi will retail for 6,800円 in February next year. More images at Good Smile’s page on her.

Look for more outdated an questionably reliable news in the next installment of Figure Releases.

Figure Releases #4

Nothing much in this edition of Figure Releases…

First up, Max Factory will be releasing this 1/35 scale action figure of the Scopedog Assualt Rane Custom from Armored Trooper VOTOMS Commando Vorct.

You can’t go wrong with classic mechas. This awesome looking Armored Trooper will be released in January next year for 8,190円. Max Factory’s page on it here.

Next up, Enterbrain is releasing this 1/6 scale figure of Eve Sakakibara from Mugen no Fantasia.

It looks so-so, but I have to say that is one nice looking sword. Eve goes on sale in January next year for 9,980円. News via Hobby Channel.

Figure Releases #1

Well, this is a short release notice… as most of my lunchtime posts are… Anyways, here’s what’s coming your way in the near future.

First up, Max Factory is coming out with a Figma of Ryomou Shimei from Ikki Tousen. This would go very well with your Figma Kan’u Unchou, if you have her.

Shimei will be available in December this year for the low, low price of 2,500円. News via GA Graphic.

Next up is this absolutely delicious 1/6 scale figure of Kousaka Tamaki (Tama-nee) by Kotobukiya.

You know you want to cum buckets...

You know you want to cum buckets...

There isn’t a specific price or date set for Tama-nee yet, but she’s scheduled to be released sometime in spring next year. News via GA Graphic.

Figma Doala Visitor Version

Well, you had the Home version announced and released a while back, and now here’s the Visitor version!

Better poses than the Home version...

Better poses than the Home version...

Anyways, Doala is retailing for 2,500円 and hits the shelves in November this year.

Thats what happens when your head is too big for your body.

That's what happens when your head is too big for your body.

Figma Fate Testarossa Harlaown & Device Metal Charm Collection 03 – Bardiche Assualt Riot Blade Mode

Meh, I’m working on my birthday, but I don’t mind, since it’s something I like to do anyways. As promised, here’s my review of Figma Fate Testarossa Harlaown and the third of the device metal charms; Bardiche Assualt.

Picked up some stuff from Kinokuniya on Friday. Here’s the loot.

I bought a copy of the latest issue of Megami Deluxe, which prominently features Clannad in this issue, and I got a copy of Dengeki Bunko’s 2008 Catalog for free. My Figma Fate arrived, along with my brother’s Shokai Genteiban PS3 port of Tears to Tiara, along with which Amazon Japan kindly threw in a set of stick posters and a chara voice CD. On to the main review now…

Stop asking me how I get stuff...
Stop asking me how I get stuff…

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