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4koma No. 0011 – Take It (受け入れ)

After a long time of apathy (and a substantial amount of writer’s block), フェイダムさん has come up with a new 4koma installment! No, this isn’t Second Season…


Enjoy the stupidity that is me… As usual, click on image for full 1000×3200 resolution. Best viewed in 4×3 pixels.

There’re a couple of references in this one, an additional slice of caek for the first person who can identify them both.


4koma No. 0010 – It Sure Is Soft… (柔らかいね…)

Late or not, I have decided to alter the frequency of the 4koma from once a week to whenever I feel like it… Bah, you know the drill…
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4koma No. 0009 – A Newcomer Has Come (新人が来た)

This was meant to be last week’s 4koma, but I never did get around doing it, since I was bogged down doing coverage for GCA 2008 and whoring SoulCalibur IV… Anyways, here it is…
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4koma No. 0008 – Take It Off If It’s Heavy (重いならぬげ)

Well, here’s last week’s 4koma, which I was too lazy to do last week. Go me! Anyways, from now on I’m not doing the English version anymore for 3 reasons: 1) My English ends up as Engrish 2) It’s easier to just provide a translation in the form of a post 3) I’m lazy. Anyways, here you go, enjoy.
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4koma No. 0007 – Adultlike Child (大人らしい子)

Late, but at least it’s here. I present to you, the highly unanticipated 7th strip of my 4koma… Available in the usual two languages.
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4koma No. 0006 – Everything is Australia (全てはオーストラリア)

I finally finished the sixth installment, which wasn’t easy because I had to avoid being caught while doing it. Anyways, here it is in epic fail Japanese and layman’s english. This one is a nod at my new Team Blue comrades, who have their own set of memes which rival /b/’s…

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4koma No. 0005 – Rare(Ecchi) Item (レアアイテム)

Caution, this post is considered NSFW, but it’s not like we care, right? Just don’t read it if anyone in your vicinity is a prude.

I would have finished this earlier, but I was worried about getting caught, but anyways, here it is. Available in epic fail Japanese and layman’s English, as per usual.

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As of 28th June 2009, フェイダムさん is now dead.

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