1st Anniversary & Death

Feidamu turns 1 today. Well, I haven’t had much traffic throughout this one year of blogging, then again, I hardly do enough of it to actually generate decent traffic. Also, idealism doesn’t work very well either, neither does constructive critisism.



Why, you may ask. Well… It’s because according to tons of elitist fuckshits, there’s no such thing as “blogging for the sake of blogging”, there’s pretty much only “blogging for traffic”, but that would just result into degrading this into a blog no different from those fuckshits on blogger who blog about their boyfriends taking part in homosexual coprophilia and them still loving them despite such because they themselves went for surgery to increase their cup size to a Z so that they can give their boyfriends full-body mammary intercourse.

Okay… Perhaps that was a little too farfetched, but I wouldn’t rule it out, since I’m pretty sure someone would write about it sooner or later. Give it time, blogger never fails to phail. Next up on the agenda, let’s see how bad my traffic is. Note that the following chart only shows the traffic I’ve gotten ever since my move to wordpress sometime in August last year.


As you can see, it’s nothing special. All I wanted was a nice constant, negative gradient. Thanks a lot for you patronage, netizens of the world. You all are going to deny me every single thing which I could possibly want in this entire world, including infamy.

Speaking of thanks, I am obliged to say a few words of thanks to a couple of people.

First up, I want to thank Najica, one of the first few readers and fellow bloggers on my blogroll whom I managed to snag solely through the gormless cesspool that it the interbutts.

Next up, I want to thank Gordon, who has been quite supportive of what I wrote, even from the very start.

Also, I would like to thank the roster of Team Blue(as of sometime in August 2008, give or take), save for a certain fatherfucking lump of fuckshit(Ironically, it was the influence of said fatherfucking lump of fuckshit that I even got into blogging into the first place, but no acknowledgements for it.). My joining the team was one of the best things for my role as a blogger, since I got links to here on their blogs, and most of my traffic is probably generate from said links. I really enjoyed the photo shoots and outings with them, since I am pretty much bereft of a social life, even if I didn’t blog about all of them.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the people on my blogroll, reading the comments you guys left was pretty much the highlight of my day when I used to put a decent amount of effort into this place.

Here’s a laugh for you guys. I’m going to show you all the search terms that led here in my short stint as a blogger.


Hilarious, really. How these links get here is a mystery.


So, where do we go from here? Frankly, I have no idea. Maybe I’ll come back when the time is right, maybe I’ll move to yet another platform and resume blogging there, maybe I’ll take up a different alias… Well, all those “maybe”s don’t mean anything, really. But for all purposes, Feidamu-san is, as of the moment of publication of this post, dead. I’ll keep the nickname, but I doubt I’ll do anything with it. I also kindly request that if I am referenced anywhere after the moment of publication of this post, I am to be refered to as “some random bugger”. I won’t respond to any future comments, since I am, after all, dead.

Some of you may ask, since this is Feidamu-san’s first anniversary, what would Feidamu-san want to do to commemorate this occasion? Well, I would like to commit mass genocide in inhumane ways and also commit multitudes of familicide.

I now bid all of you good day, and farewell.


2 Responses to “1st Anniversary & Death”

  1. 1 Q 29 June, 2009 at 5:24 am

    Congrats on the anniversary. Well, at least you did blog about it afterall.

    Sorry to hear that you are dropping out, but I suppose moving on isn’t a bad idea, as long as your decision is finite. Blogging can be really time consuming, so it can be nice to drop it for something else.

  2. 2 OpenHappy 2 August, 2009 at 5:54 am

    I was about to ask you for a link exchange 🙂 I actually think your writing is quite good. Anyway, if you ever come back …

    Would you like to do a link/blogroll exchange with http://www.openhappy.com. I will need to have a 200xXX banner (or I can create one for you). My banner is at http://www.openhappy.com/images/banners/ Please email me at richard at openhappy.com

    Good luck in whatever you do instead of this site later 🙂

    – Richard.

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