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Lightening The Moon, I mean, Mood

Seems like all I could do with my previous post was to cause some very contained controversy within the minds of whatever readers I have left.

Oh well, mindfuck is one of the things I like to do anyways. So, I’ll just cut straight to the chase.

First up, I probably won’t bother updating the blog’s links, images and whatnot any time in the near future, for the simple reason that I hate having to keep packing up my laptop every night for school the next day (I do all my work on my laptop, so it makes sense for me to do all my work on one box). Next, I won’t bother writing much either, because unlike many other bloggers who take blogging quite seriously, almost to the point of being zealots. I know I’m just asking for flames with that line, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’ve noticed that many “elite” bloggers seem to think that everyone should be impressed by the stuff they have accomplished as implied by their tone (yes, tone is quite obvious in irc, contrary to popular belief). Frankly, I believe that some people’s traffic is bot-generated, but who am I to judge them?


Yes, Nanoha-san is wearing a sling. No, I won’t tell you why now.

That’s all for now.