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End of Year 2008

Well, I went down to EoY this year to see what the whole fuss is all about. Can’t say I’m impressed, but if i said i was disappointed I would be lying.

Anyways, those who went for that event as well were comrades Nanopulp, double, FarizAsuka, Gordon, Panther, Yumeno, Malzias, Hirito, Squee, chibihien, Tenma Amano, Blurmage, Yuki-to and Gottanime (List may be incomplete, let me know if you were left out).
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Anime Festival Asia 2008: Way to test the waters


On the 22nd and 23rd of November 2008, Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2008 was hosted at Suntec Convention Center. It’s a lame opening sentence, I know, but my brain has been shorted by school work lately, so don’t expect my blog to be updated as often anymore. I camped for both days, and in a way glad I did, because I was among the first to enter on both days (first in line on day 2), but my claims do not include people with media fucks. Anyways, day 2 camping was empty, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the outside without anyone in the way. This post is horribly delayed, don’t remind me.
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Merry Christmas

Tits are related to anything. Yes, even Christmas. Thank you, Tony Taka.

Tits are related to anything. Yes, even Christmas. Thank you, Tony Taka.

Yes, I don’t know any jews. So I’ll just say Merry Christmas anyways. I have a heck lot of stuff to do with the blog, and it doesn’t help that wordpress is fucked up. Anyways, wishing you guys happy holidays.