Figure Releases #8

It’s been a slow week for 2ch, so my news comes in slow as well. Anyways, here’s what new…

First up is this delicious 1/8 scale figure of Kizaki Emi Swimsuit Version by Kotobukiya.

What I wouldn’t give to be that nuigurumi… Emi-chan goes for sale in March next year for 6,090円. News and picture via Hobby Channel.

Next up are the Imajin Genetic Vol. 2 & 3, which are Kintaros and Deneb respectively, by Megahouse.

These nicely sculpted figures are going for 5,040円 each, and both will be released in January next year. News via GA Graphic.


1 Response to “Figure Releases #8”

  1. 1 lovelyduckie 13 December, 2008 at 3:08 am

    Wow…when I was glancing real quick for a second I thought that was a sexy Fruits Basket figure. I see mouse + long dark haired girl and immediately think Tohru + Yuki.

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