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Gran Kaiser by Yamato

Prior to their action figure of God Gravion, Yamato is going to release this action figure of Gran Kaiser from Choujuushin God Gravion.

Gran Kaiser hits the shelves this December for 3,000円. News and image via Yamato’s page on it.


Figure Releases #9

Ironic this is only my 9th issue despite me providing almost-daily info. Anyways, here’s what you want.

First up, this cute 1/8 scale figure of Shirai Kuroko from Toaru Majutsu no Index by Kotobukiya.

She’s cute and loli, two aspects which I like in a figure. Kuroko goes for 6,300円 next year in March. News via Hobby Channel.

Next up, Yamato is releasing this action figure of God Gravion from… well, Choujuushin God Gravion…

It seems very tempting, especially with that awesome-looking chest piece. God Gravion will be released in December this year for 3,000円. Go see more of God Gravion over at Yamato’s page. (Hint: click on PHOTOZoomer)

Oh, by the way, most of the prices I provide you guys with do NOT include the 5% Japan tax. So Japanese readers or readers in Japan might want to keep that in mind before rushing down to your local hobby store or Akiba with the exact amount in your wallets and find out you’re short of a couple of hundred yen because you thought tax was already included.

Battle Convoy e-Hobby Genteiban Laser Ultra Magnus

Well, I bought on impulsemanaged to accquire this limited edition transformer, but now I’m kinda half-hearted about opening it after learning it’s true value.

With flash for a brighter picture

With flash for a brighter picture

Now without flash so you can see things you missed

Now without flash so you can see things you missed

I’ve never opened it before, so I can’t tell you about the condition of the contents. You don’t get to see the sides and back because I’m lazy. You people are free to bid for it, I’ll be watching this post to make sure no one gives me stupid stuff such as “free” or a ridiculously low price. My opening bid is 100 SGD(negotiable), and this is for locals(Singapore) only because I don’t paypal, nor am I willing to pay for shipping. Details for contacting me will be given to the winner. I will demand a full payment upon collection, no installments or favors because I would rather kill you then and there than have to hunt you down. Deadline for this “auction” is the 21st of November, because after that I’ll be trying out eBay to sell it.

Figma Yagami Hayate

AT LONG LAST! Good Smile has finally put up a page on her!

The figma of my favorite kansai-ben speaking mage is confirmed to be released in January next year! Hayate-chan goes for 2,800円. More pictures over at Good Smile’s page on her!

Figure Releases #8

It’s been a slow week for 2ch, so my news comes in slow as well. Anyways, here’s what new…

First up is this delicious 1/8 scale figure of Kizaki Emi Swimsuit Version by Kotobukiya.

What I wouldn’t give to be that nuigurumi… Emi-chan goes for sale in March next year for 6,090円. News and picture via Hobby Channel.

Next up are the Imajin Genetic Vol. 2 & 3, which are Kintaros and Deneb respectively, by Megahouse.

These nicely sculpted figures are going for 5,040円 each, and both will be released in January next year. News via GA Graphic.

Busou Shinki Light Armor Series Wave 1: Werkstra & Valona

Well, I have a confession(it isn’t a confession if you know me well enough). I like mecha musume, in particular the Busou Shinki(武装神姫) line of figures. A while back, Konami announced a line of Light Armor Shinkis that had less armor. In my mind, I thought of 2 things:

1) Less armor means less armor bits, so this means it’ll be easier to fiddle around with them.
2) Less parts means it’ll cost less to manufacture.

I learned the hard way that both of these mean nothing on pricing, because I still paid the same price for them as I did for my normal heavier armored Shinkis…

Well, I didn’t really have my hopes up for them, because I seriously doubted that I could get my hands on them. Fortunately, Uncle Ng‘s store at Wheellock Place(Dollz Inc.) proved me wrong. And so, I now present to you, the first wave of the new Busou Shinki Light Armor Series: Werkstra & Valona! (Forgive me for having lousy pictures, since my camera is only 3.2 megapix and absolute shit)

Well, for this round of reviews, I thought about using a makeshift backdrop to see how it’s like. Fortunately, my backdrop is thin, so I can still make use of lighting from the lights on the ceiling in front of my desk(unfortunaely, no actual source of lighting exists above my desk). However, I have learnt NOT to try to take pictures during the day when it’s cloudy.
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1/8 Nagato Yuki Seifuku Version by Alter

Alter is coming out with this tempting 1/8 scale figure of Nagato Yuki from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu.

The pose is so seductive, that even a anti-Haruhism person like me is considering getting it. Yuki will be released in March next year for 6,090円. Here’s the best part, it’s a Chara-ani exclusive. Good luck with that, people. More info over at Alter’s page on her.

As of 28th June 2009, フェイダムさん is now dead.

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