Figure Releases #6

More figures releases… That’s 2 for today.

First up, Atelier-Sai’s 1/8 scale figure of Etheldreda from Demonbane.

It’s things like these make me feel happy that I’m a lolicon… Etheldreda retails for 6,500円 in February next year. News via GA Graphic.

Next up, Chara-ani is releasing a set of 2 figures of Shana and Yoshida Kazumi.

Rejoice, Shana fans. This moe-licious duo(with contrasting bust sizes as well) will be released in January next year. More over at Ami-ami’s page on them.

Next up, this super loli-moe-licious 1/4 scale figure of Kokonoe Rin in her PE uniform aka. bloomers by FREEing.

I almost came in my pants. Anyways, Rin will be released in January next year for 11,800円. Fitting price given her size. See more at Good Smile’s Page on her.

Next up, is this 1/8 scale figure of Nagi from Kannagi by FREEing.

I love the way her skirt is that short… Anyways, Nagi will retail for 6,800円 in February next year. More images at Good Smile’s page on her.

Look for more outdated an questionably reliable news in the next installment of Figure Releases.


2 Responses to “Figure Releases #6”

  1. 2 Fariz Asuka 31 October, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Wow.. Seriously more stuff to get.. But there is something weird with the Kannagi figurine.. I think its her face, doesn’t look like the real Nagi.. -_-;;

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