Figure Releases #5

Well, some new news, and some updates on previously unconfirmed news.

First up, the most important piece of news. Kotobukiya’s Kousaka Tamaki -Temptation- is scheduled for a March release for 8,400円.

Fap to your heart’s content. News via Kotobukiya’s page on her.

Next up, Bandai Bender division is coming out with Lucky Star figures as part of their figure MEISTER line of figures.

Not bad, in my opinion. But you have your own. They’ll be released in Febuary next year for 6,720円 for the whole set. Info from AmiAmi’s page on this.

Last but not least, Konami’s 2nd wave of Light Armor Series Busou Shinki goes on sale in Japan today. Hopefully, I can pick these girls up at AFA. But for now I’ll have to be satisfied with getting the first wave from a local store, chipping away at my budget for AFA…

Bye bye money… These girls are retailing for 2,900円 each. News via

And that’s it for this issue of Figure Releases!


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