4koma No. 0010 – It Sure Is Soft… (柔らかいね…)

Late or not, I have decided to alter the frequency of the 4koma from once a week to whenever I feel like it… Bah, you know the drill…

Panel 1:
Nu Gundam: Hm? What’s this?
Panel 2:
Nu Gundam: Oh well, I might as well take a short nap…
Nanoha-san: Nu-ku~n, what are you doing?
Nu Gundam: Ah, Nanoha-san.
Fate-san: …You won’t get away this time…
Panel 4:
Nu Gundam: Hold on! Wait!!!
Shin Getter-1: Miku-chan’s lap sure is soft…
Miku: I’m happy for that…

I have no idea on how to actually translate Miku’s line into English(because the Japanese and English trains of thought in my mind never intersect). At any rate, enjoy…


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