Team Blue Smexy September Photo Shoot

Got my glasses back, so now I can see and write about this. Team Blue organized a group outing for a photo shoot at Sembawang Park on the 27th of September. Originally, this was meant to be a beach photoshoot. But… having no beach figures, I decided to bring Kotobukiya’s Nanoha-chan, for the one reason that she’s the cheapest of all my PVC figures… SACRILEGE! Those who attended were comrades FarizAsuka aka AnimeBaka, Squee, chibihien, deadsnake, wcloudxkumo, wongtcsg and banchou Panther.

Right, when we got there, the first thing we do is to find a place to set up base. Our initial plan was a table by the side of the path, just behind the beach, however, everyone else, locals and immigrants, have comandeered the tables, so we went looking for shelters. On our way, we saw this…

Epic Win... You get 1 summon, you may pay for this summon at any of our numerous but redundant local police stations.

Epic Win... You get 1 summon, you may pay for this summon at any of our numerous but redundant local police stations.

So we then invaded one of the shelters which only had one guy in it reading his newspaper. But we took it anyway and set up base there. Most of the time was spent waiting for Squee to set up his instruments for his Detroit Miku City beach concert (Squee’s DMC featuring Fariz’s Figma Hatsune Miku as a guest singer). Panther also decided to change into beachwear (which consisted of a pair of shorts and a T-shirtjersey). While waiting, we took some shots of Fariz’s Miku… Anyways, Miku pic spam…

Panther brought his Hayase Mitsuki from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and wcloudxkumo brought his Al Azif from Demonbane and Suzumiya Haruka from Kiminozo. Unfortunately, Haruka didn’t get alot of screen time… Mitsuki and Al Azif picture spam…

chibihien brought his Reinforce Zwei, so he and I went over the playground for some shots. Nanoha-chan and Rein-chan picture spam…

Obligatory pantsu shot

Obligatory pantsu shot

Next up, some Detroit Miku City. After chibi, Squee and I got back from the playground, Fariz turned his Miku upside down for reasons I cannot recall, and chibi left for F1. Anyways, some picture spammage…

Nanoha-chan doesn't really like metal...

Nanoha-chan doesn't like metal...

Can't remember who's hand that is...

Can't remember whose hand that is...

Firing Lock is cancelled

Firing Lock is cancelled

Strike Frame Open

Strike Frame Open

The lead singer's pantsu

The lead singer's pantsu

Snake between Miku's legs

Snake between Miku's legs




The perfect ending to the perfect concert...

Well, there you have it. My share of pictures from this round outing. You can find more at the blogs of those who went, and more at Team Blue’s blog as well. Here’s a group photo of us…

wcloudxkumo, wongtcsg, Squee and Panther

Top from left to right: FarizAsuka, フェイダムさん, Deadsnake. Bottom from left to right: wcloudxkumo, wongtcsg, Squee and Panther. Picture courtesy of wcloudxkumo.


2 Responses to “Team Blue Smexy September Photo Shoot”

  1. 1 Panther 5 October, 2008 at 3:11 pm


    Blur pictures ftl. I thought a dSLR followed you?

  2. 2 Mizunaga 5 October, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    Nanoha looks so cute!

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