4koma No. 0009 – A Newcomer Has Come (新人が来た)

This was meant to be last week’s 4koma, but I never did get around doing it, since I was bogged down doing coverage for GCA 2008 and whoring SoulCalibur IV… Anyways, here it is…

Here’s your translation:
Panel 1:
Shin Getter-1: It’s been quiet lately…
Shin Getter-1: Well, the time for me to get some rest has finally come…
Miku: Um… Excuse me…
Panel 3:
Shin Getter-1: This girl is…
Miku: Uh… I, I’m not very familiar with this place…
Miku: So… I have a favor to ask…
Panel 4:
Shin Getter-1: Just say where you want to go! I’ll fly us there!
Miku: Wow! This is amazing!

And now you know how a lot is lost in the translation…

Anyways, enjoy… I hope…


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