Figma Fate Testarossa Harlaown & Device Metal Charm Collection 03 – Bardiche Assualt Riot Blade Mode

Meh, I’m working on my birthday, but I don’t mind, since it’s something I like to do anyways. As promised, here’s my review of Figma Fate Testarossa Harlaown and the third of the device metal charms; Bardiche Assualt.

Picked up some stuff from Kinokuniya on Friday. Here’s the loot.

I bought a copy of the latest issue of Megami Deluxe, which prominently features Clannad in this issue, and I got a copy of Dengeki Bunko’s 2008 Catalog for free. My Figma Fate arrived, along with my brother’s Shokai Genteiban PS3 port of Tears to Tiara, along with which Amazon Japan kindly threw in a set of stick posters and a chara voice CD. On to the main review now…

Stop asking me how I get stuff...
Stop asking me how I get stuff…

Let’s get this ball rolling then…

Ikuyo, Barudishu.<br><i>Yes sir</i>
Ikuyo, Barudisshu…Yes sir.

I think I may have to improve on the reviews if I want to make it as a review site… Anyways, let’s go through Bardiche Assualt’s many forms.

The default form for Bardiche Assualt is it’s multi-purpose Assualt Form. Which resembles a simple polearm, it’s sharpened edge also makes it a decent melee weapon, but it’s primary purpose is just that of a staff.

Ignore the Master Cloak, my desk was messy when I took these...
Ignore the Master Cloak, my desk was messy when I took these…

As you can see, that’s the sharp edge. While in Assualt Form, Fate-san can use her Plasma Lancer spell, which can actually be used in all forms, but she usually uses it with the Assault Form.

Purazuma Ransaa, FAIYA!
Purazuma Ransaa, FAIYA!

Fate-san also has many other abilities, which can be easily re-enacted with the highly posable Figma…

<i>Thunder Arm</i>
Thunder Arm

The Thunder Arm, a last-minute defensive ability using Fate-san’s armored left arm.


The Round Shield, which in my opinion, is just another way of saying Protect Shade/Wall. I swear, the creator of Nanoha sure loved his super robots…

<i>Scythe Form</i>
Harken Form

Next up is Bardiche’s Harken Form, which is an upgrade of it’s original Scythe Form. Obviously, it resembles a scythe, and is primarily used for close combat.

HAAKEN SEIBAA!<br><i>Harken Saber</i>

The Harken Form grants access to the Harken Saber spell, which involves throwing the blade and providing fan-service from a good angle. You’ve got to love mahou shoujo who wear mini-skirts.

<i>Harken Slash</i>
Harken Slash

Naturally, a scythe means a souped up melee attack. In this case, the Harken Slash.

<i>Harken Form</i>
Zamber Form

Of course, Bardiche’s most epic form included in the figma is none other than the Zamber Form, which is obviously a clone of Zengar Zonvolt’s Zankantou…

Zenzen ugokanai...
Zenzen ugokanai…

Unfortunately, the Zamber form is really hefty and you can’t really do much with it, not even that uber-epic pose in the second op for StrikerS…


Then of course, we have the Device Metal Charm Collection 03 Bardiche Assault in Riot Blade form. Taking off the mini-skirt and the bottom half of her coat is the closest I can get to Sonic Form.

And of course, we have the little Mid-Childa magic circle.

Nao, your obligatory yuri gallery, NSFW.

Here’s some omake for you guys…





刃馬! 一体ッ!!

刃馬! 一体ッ!!




友よ、今が駆け抜ける時!応!! 刮目せよッ!!













Meh, finally done with all the uploading, 1 am posts ftw… Tiem for some sleep. I’ll fix the size issues later today… Enjoy.


3 Responses to “Figma Fate Testarossa Harlaown & Device Metal Charm Collection 03 – Bardiche Assualt Riot Blade Mode”

  1. 1 Q 17 September, 2008 at 5:16 am

    I thought the Harken form is the Scythe form. The caption made me confused @_@

    On the other hand, nice photoshoot! I like it how you’ve got the Riot Blades with her~ I dare not to move my figma Fate too much as I heard quite a few have broke theirs on the wrists or other delicate joints ._.

  2. 2 フェイダムさん 17 September, 2008 at 9:24 am

    Oops, I guess I shouldn’t have done this while I was half-asleep. Anyways, fixed.

  3. 3 Persocom 19 September, 2008 at 5:31 am

    nice pictures, awesome loot, amazon japan must like you ^^ these metal charms are really cool

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