Moar Figures

Well, turns out figure manufacturers are in a rut recently, as they constantly need our financial support. To get it, they keep releasing figures which they know none of us can resist.

Anyways, first up is the TAMASHII SPEC LIMITED Yatenkou(夜天光) and Mutzura(六連) from Martian Successor Nadesico -The Prince of Darkness-(For reasons that baffle me, the Japanese name is Kidou Senkan Nadeshiko, 機動戦艦ナデシコ lit. Mobile Battleship Nadesico, what the Americans were doing when they translated this is beyond me…).

Yatenko(left) and Muren(right)

Yatenkou(left) and Mutzura(right)

These will go very well with the earlier Black Sarena, as you can act out the final battle between Akito and Hokushin(I can’t remember his name, the only info on Prince of Darkness I know is from playing Super Robot Taisen MX). I really ought to watch the anime adaptations, the game adaptations were epic… Yatenkou and Mutzura will be released in December this year and retail for 7,350円. In case you haven’t noticed by now, these guys are a bundle. You can pre-order them at TAMASHII Web Store. If you want moar pics, go swing by GA Graphic.

Next up is a 1/8 scale PVC figure of Yashiro Kasumi from the eroge Muv-Luv Alternative by your good friends over at Good Smile Company.



Isn’t she just adorable? I CAME… I always found the pilot suits for Muv-Luv really cool, and EPIC when UBER MOE BISHOUJO are wearing them. And of course, bunny fetishes come into play here. The face of the nuigurumi she drags around just scares the shit out of me… Kasumi will be released in December this year for 6,800円. Fuck, I want to JAM her so bad… GSC’s page on her here.


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