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Megane Wa Nashi…

No, I look nothing like Takara Miyuki...

No, I look nothing like Takara Miyuki...

Well, I’m sure most of the people in the Team Blue channel would already know by now that I’ve broken my glasses, and the frame needs to be fixed. Which means I’m half-blind until I get them back, which the optical shop said was about Thursday… Due to this unfortunate turn of events, I cannot do long posts because I am very prone to making typosEPIC PHAIL RETARDED without my glasses… This means I can’t post my post on Team Blue’s Smexy September Photoshoot, do a review of Figma Hatsune Miku, or work on the next installment of my 4koma… Which means I have nothing to do for now, but I will have a lot to do when I get my glasses back. I apologize for any inconvenience caused…


SR DX Puchimon Melody Bergul

Figure maker Yujin is coming out with a new figure as part of their SR DX figure series; Melody Bergul from Puchimon. The figure comes with a mirror which Melody lies on.

The face looks weird, in my opinion, but you have to admit that she has a nice bod. Her shirt looks suspiciously cast-offable as well…

Melody goes for 5,800円 and will hit the shelves sometime in the later part of December this year. More pictures available AmiAmi’s page on her…

1/7 Aschen Brödel by Volks

Well folks, Volks is coming out with a figure for Aschen Brödel from Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga.

Aschen goes for sale near the start of next year for 7,875円. News taken from Ga Graphic, more pictures available there as well…

‘Tis the Age of Minitures

Well, this is good news for budgeted figure collectors who like chibi figures but can’t afford Nendoroids…

Konami is going to release a series of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Figumates… While not a fan of Gurren, I thought these looked interesting. The whole thing is going to be split into 2 volumes.

News from Dengeki Online’s News page, volume listings available there as well.

4koma No. 0009 – A Newcomer Has Come (新人が来た)

This was meant to be last week’s 4koma, but I never did get around doing it, since I was bogged down doing coverage for GCA 2008 and whoring SoulCalibur IV… Anyways, here it is…
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A moment in IRC…

Well, as all Team Blue members who frequent our IRC channel, insanity is very commonplace there. But a couple of days ago, comrade Citsu got a little out of hand while we were talking about comrade Hirito‘s female companions… Here’s a screen of what happened…

So now we know Citsu’s true colours…

Games Convention Asia Days 2 & 3 & CosCon

Well, I’ve put this off long enough. I really ought to do this post before I keep whoring SoulCalibur IV and completely forget about this. Anyways, Here’s the coverage for days 2 & 3 for GCA 2008. Awesome stuff there for those two days, but of course, the crowd gets thicker as the days go by…
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As of 28th June 2009, フェイダムさん is now dead.

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