Natsu Matsuri 2008

Before I start, I’ll warn that this is a very (blurry) picture intensive post, this kind of post makes me wish I had the post breaking thingy, so I may consider moving to wordpress, but that would mean re-uploading all my pictures, but at least I won’t cause lag for interbutt users.

My first post as a newly initiated member of Team Blue, and also my first “assignment” as one. Today, I bring you my coverage of Natsu Matsuri(夏祭り, Summer Festival) 2008 at the Japanese Primary School.

The place was interesting, but the weather was lousy. The whole thing started with a Taiko performance, but being as short as I am and the size of the crowd, I couldn’t see anything… Anyways, after the whole performance, we were finally allowed in, and I met up with comrades CI and Squee, after exchanging greetings and a short conversation, we went our separate ways to look around. They gave out fans while we were waiting to enter, and again at the entrance. unfortunately, I got two of the same fan… I WANTED THE PIKACHU FAN!!!

The first couple of hours were insane, as the whole place was crammed and you could hardly move around. The first stall I checked out was 77 Star, which was selling animation goods. I was a tad disappointed at their selection(Mainly Aquarion and Nana DVDs) of local DVDs(Which I have sworn never to buy)…

I then went to buy myself a souvenir before the stores ran out of good ones. I checked out the T-shirts, but they would cut my budget for the event in half(30 SGD), so I decided against it. I then went to check out the festival goods, where I found them selling them plastic masks which little kids wear on their faces or other festival goers wear on random spots on their heads. I wanted the Pikachu mask, but they were sold out, so I bought myself a TheBee mask instead.

After the mask, I went to buy myself a bottle of ramune, which I admit was a little confused on how to open at first, then I realized how to open it but it was awfully stiff, so instead of mounting the bottle against my chest and pushing the ball with both hands, I positioned the ball-pusher at the right spot, held the bottle in both hands, and pushed down with my chin(I wasn’t about to take the risk of spilling the ramune). After the ramune, I went to get myself a wad of (expensive) cotton candy (wataame or watagashi, both mean cotton candy), which made me thirsty again, so I went to buy an ice-cream cone.

I then went to buy a bag of snacks from Meiji’s stall, but was stuck behind a vast herd of girls who spent 20 minutes choosing one bag, only to put it back and pick another one in 30 seconds(Why can’t women just pick and go? Gomenne, Naji-chan…), and I got cut in the queue by this Oji-san with two kids, even though I was there first, who spent 15 minutes choosing his own bag for his kids(Ok, so I guess it’s not limited to women). After I finally penetrated the impregnable wall of vast herds, I picked the bag with the most strawberry flavored stuff(I like strawberry, but I’m not a trap, lacks bishoujo looks…) in 30 seconds and waited another 15 seconds to pay for it. The bag came with a small teddy bear (nuigurumi, which means stuffed toy), and the lady gave me two more, nice people…

After all the buying, I finally decided to take some photos of the event, so I’ll show them to you now.

Nice stuff at nice prices

I wish shares were $2 per lot…

I bought 10 for $5, and got 2 rice cakes
Didn’t try it, wouldn’t want to upset my stomach at an event…
I still can’t believe that I came out of there alive…

As you can see, it’s a miracle I managed to buy anything in the first place.

After a while, I ran into comrade CI again before going to have a look at the game corners(Some bowling game, ball scooping and picking of balloon yoyos). I ran into a friend, who I assume came straight from work, and watched his friend try out the bowling game. While you might think these games are scams, there was this one lucky loli who won a huge Winnie the Pooh nuigurumi… Loli luck? If this is true, I foresee a Meido Cafe in Sweden sometime soon.

I then met comrades Squee and Fariz, who were waiting for comrade Chibi who was trying his hand at picking a balloon yoyo.

You can cheat by simply just picking one up

Kodomo Damashi (Conning children)

After he got one, we went to watch the highlight of the event, which was the performance which was originally intended to be held in the field, but due to Natsu Matsuri becoming Ame Matsuri, it was shifted to the sports hall instead. We then got a seat and started taking pictures, but due to there being much movement, most of the pictures are blurred, but at least you know that they’re moving. Fariz took videos, so go swing by his blog for them once he’s uploaded them.

Lolis in ballerina costumes, Panther wasn’t kidding…

Moar lolis, in yukatas this time

Shoutacons may now rejoice

Shoutacons may now prepare contraceptives

I couldn’t tell what these guys were doing…

The girl with the mic was singing a song which reminded me of BoA, Koda Kumi or Hamasaki Ayumi…

Singapore’s own Nishikawa Takanori(T.M. Revolution)

Soccer boys here to show off their l33t skills


After the performance, we went up to the gallery to take some pictures of the folk dancing, which I originally wanted to join, but due to worsened weather conditions which made me decide against wearing my yukata, didn’t join in, so I just took photos. Fariz went down for more shots, while Squee, Chibi and I stayed up in the gallery. Squee took a few, but then he stopped, I just kept snapping and deleting older useless photos to make space for more. The last song we stayed for was “Chan Mari Chan”, a Malay folk song, to which Chibi said, and I quote “What the fuck”… and I quite agree with him.

Comrade Fariz in the red shirt with the camera phone

Looking for a new shooting spot

Well, now that the photos from the event are all shown, I’ll show what I bought.

First up is the fans which they were giving out.

No, I’m not Shiranui Mai…

Next up is my mask, which I think I will NEVER want to wear over my face because it spent the whole day over my head, and when I took it off, sweat had condensed on the inside and all of us were laughing about it…

Ore wa GandamuKamen Raidaa

Last up is the nuigurumis and the bag of oyatsu(snacks). A really good deal for only 2 SGD, when the total for everything in there well exceeds 3 to 4 SGD, I ought to go check the expiration dates before I eat them.

Is it safe?

Nanoha-san likes her new nuigurumi… and me… I hope.

Hai, ageru yo, Nanoha-san.
Arigatou, onii-chan!


It was a fun event, and I will most likely be going again next year. I hope this can convince our Zentradi loli to come over one day to attend it in person herself.


2 Responses to “Natsu Matsuri 2008”

  1. 1 Panther 24 August, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    Wow, lolies. Am I glad I did not go.

  2. 2 chibihien 25 August, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    WTF indeed!

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