1/144 Exia Kit-bash

Well, I managed to work out a new formula this morning, which is…

(Boredom + Revision Period + Free Time) X Runs an anime/otaku blog = Random Post

Well, you can’t admit it’s wrong, but I can’t prove that it’s right either…

As I mentioned in the 4th installment of the 4koma, Exia got broken and is undergoing massive cosmetic surgery. So I decided to post what Exia currently looks like in the middle of his surgery, which has been going on for 75 hours at the moment, due to surgeons lacking tools to properly reconstruct him.

Feel free to critique my modeling and photography skills anytime now.

I decided to repaint the white part encasing the orb on Exia’s chest in metallic red, but I haven’t reattached the red parts on the sides of his waist. I also repainted the horns of his V-fin yellow to give him the standard Gundam colors.

Next up, I attached a cannon onto Exia’s right shoulder, and as you can clearly see, the part where the GN Beam Saber is supposed to be attached to is broken off, which is why I’m kit-bashing Exia in the first place.

Clearly, not a lot of progress being made…

Just in case you’re wondering, the green and yellow foot belongs to my HGUC GM Striker and the red foot belongs to my 1/144 HG Wing Zero Custom, who are currently pinned down by 1 metric gram of rubble and junk.

And here’s one to you experienced Gunpla builders, what else should Exia have? My goal is to turn him from close-combat specialist to multi-purpose mobile suit.


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