Wierd Code Geass Dream

Ok, I know this doesn’t fit into being an otaku, but I found this kinda interesting, so I’m sharing it with you guys before I completely forget about it. Please keep in mind that some parts are NSFW, this just goes to show what kind of a person I am. If you’re the kind of person who is squeamish, disregard this post, I suck on bleeding lolis’ wounds.

It starts with Lelouch walking towards Jeremia’s house(wut? I didn’t know Jeremia had his own lodgings…) and he walks through this alley, and for some inexplicable reason, he’s on the ledge. He then sees Diethard and Ougi, and he rushes to them and asks about the current status of the Order of The Black Knights. To which both of them keep quiet and lower their heads. Lelouch then says “Diethard, you’re…” to which Diethard starts laughing and then raises his left hand, in which a black orb forms and a light in the same shade of red of Geass glows from his person. Diethard then screams that HE is Zero(When we all know all too well Lelouch is Zero) and continues to laugh manically. Lelouch then says “You should be saying ‘You’re kidding’ instead of laughing…”. Turns out Lelouch has the same black orb that Diethard has, except he has his Geass too. He then uses his Geass, which for some reason creates and energy blast which causes both him and Diethard to catch fire(blue fire, wut?). Turns out that both Lelouch and Diethard are androids, so no one’s dead. Ougi’s just knocked unconcious by the backlash from the explosion of the energy blast. At the ground level of the alley, a blue-haired Twintail girl with red eyes(She’s the girl on my desktop) and her companion, a blonde girl, are looking and smiling, the former saying “Now I can proceed without any trouble.”

The dynamic yuri duo move on and are in a place similar to the city where Cloud fights Bahamut Sin in Advent Children(wtf does FFVIIAC have to do Code Geass?). The blue twintail is lying on her back and looking into the open for something or someone, when that purple-haired girl who managed to take Lelouch’s hat during the valentine event(forgot her name) shows up with a deranged look and stabs our blue twintail in the middle of her chest with a long knife and then pulls the knife towards her head, cutting her chest open along the middle of her ribcage(Probably School Days, but I’ve never watched it). The blonde then now jumps in and grabs the blue twintail and removes the knife and then both of them get nude. She then shoves the blue twintail into a blue pocket(more like warp chasm) at where her diaphragm is up to where the gash in her chest is and then proceeds to combat the knife-wielding psychotic, who is also nude at this point, but is now dual-wielding(she learnt a talent without any talent points!). They then continue to battle, but the blonde now tries to remove the blue twintail from her chest(the latter has glazed over eyes and is making those weird sobbing and gurgling noises) while fighting off the psycho. She would deflect a blow, perform a counterblow and then try to pull out the blue twintail(at one point steam or hot breath came out of her lower pair of pupils) and after a few tries, the blonde manages to completely remove her, and sets latter at a safe place while former and the psycho jump down this hole and continue to battle, even as they freefall.

The two nude babes fall into an underground church of sorts(a great thing to wear to church, your birthday suit must be). The blonde then sees this book burnt into the shape of the crystal in the logo of the Final Fantasy IX(more FF?! WTF?!) and then she thinks to herself “God knew that the world needed change, that’s why he brought Zero to us”(*GASP!* That blue twintail WAS Lelouch all along!) and then the book glowed green and then the psycho gets blown away, never to be seen again.

A group of priests then walk up to the blonde, who now has these monster drill-like hands in place of her normal hands(Godzilla or Ultraman? Household names, but never watched either…), which then disappear as the priests start talking to her. The dialog sequence goes like this…

Priest A: So, you have retrieved those…
Blonde girl: … (Terrified look on her face)
Priest B: But with your Hands of Tuning(Hands of Tuning? THIS ISN”T FUCKING RAHXEPHON!), never again will you be able to touch him without killing him.
Priest C: Let alone mount him(let your imagination run wild, why do they still refer to Zero as a man when Lelouch is now a hot blue-hair twintail with red eyes? Would have been better with fangs).
Blonde girl: …! (Even more terrified now)

Then Edward Elric-tan(yes, nii-san is now nee-san) rushes in on a primitive steam and alchemy powered steam enegine(Steam Boy?). Nee-san then gets a close up and we see that her eyes are now BLUE! She then squints her left eye, which momentarily turns purple(BOKU!), but then she blinks and it’s back to normal, but apparently her eye is bleeding on the inside(ouch…).

Unfortunately, it ends there. WTF?!WTF?!WTF?!WTF?!WTF?!WTF?!WTF?!WTF?!WTF?!WTF?!

Maybe I’ll have to wait a couple of months for the next installment of this ODA(Original Dream Animation). What do you guys think? Any of you have weird dreams involving anime characters?


1 Response to “Wierd Code Geass Dream”

  1. 1 Persocom-san 9 August, 2008 at 12:12 am

    I’ve had dreams with game characters in them when I was a hardcore gamer. I’ve also had real life people in dreams and there were actual subtitles XD As for animated dreams I’ve yet to have them as far as I can recall.

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