4koma No. 0004 – Please Hold Back (手加減して下さい)


Ah… always wanted to say an “in before” thingy, so I guess I got my wish. Well, I’m posting installment number 4 early because today is the 4th. 4koma No. 4 on the 4th… Would make more sense if I did this on the 4th of April 4 years ago… Ok, dumb joke…

This strip may not be as funny as the others, as I don’t really know much about the meme I chose to use this time, but I guess it’s better than nothing. Without further ado, I present the epic fail Japanese and layman’s English versions of my 4koma!

Japanese Version

English Version

Feel free to put me down now…

BTW, that’s the last of Exia you’ll see for a while. I broke the right shoulder’s GN beam saber holder, so I decided to kitbash Exia into something else. Look forward to it, I hope…


1 Response to “4koma No. 0004 – Please Hold Back (手加減して下さい)”

  1. 1 gordon 5 August, 2008 at 12:39 am

    nice boat. btw thanks for dropping by my blog. do visit often. ^^;

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