I decided to hop onto the bandwagon and try out this new game, Es, which everyone is talking about.


Es is an original doujin game, which means characters featured are not from any currently existing anime or game, by 9th Night. The gameplay, I find, is similar to Another Century’s Episode, and the main character, Es, reminds me of Trigger Heart Exelica(Although I’ve never played either game).

The story follows that of Es, a young girl who is a soldier, either for the government or some private organization(it isn’t specified), and her creator, a scientist named Maana. Es is likely to be some top secret project for the next generation of soldiers who are the only ones who can fight against some foe (think Sky Girls and Strike Witches), although this is purely speculation. Es’ personality isn’t elaborated in the trial version, but in the entirety of the trial version, she only has one line of dialog, which is “…Maana?”…

I managed to capture the script from the game’s dialogs, all except one kanji, which I believe I have found correct kanji, but couldn’t read the original, so if anyone knows it’s wrong, let me know.

First up, the only briefing sequence in the trial version.

Every branch of the military has at least one.

Maana: Well then… They’re here, in swarms too, no less…

No matter how many times I see her off, I still can’t get used to this sad feeling.
After all, she’s playing the role of a weapon. The reality of no one else being able to do this came upon my heavy heart.

Es: …Maana?
Maana: Sorry, just thinking about something.

Maana: It’s time to sortie, Es.

I’ve taken the effort to translate the dialog, however, given that I’ve always been doing my thinking in Japanese, and my spoken English doesn’t apply to situations like this, it may not make much sense, but the meaning is there. I fail as a fansubber…

Anyways, you control Es, who wields a gigantic multi-purpose weapon which can be used as both a machine gun and a photon cannon. It also mounts an over-sized bayonet, so it can be used as a polearm of sorts.

Apparently, the enemy forces consist of large robotic weapons(they may or may not be manned). So just go blow them up as your itchy trigger finger presses the fire button. You face a multitude of various enemies, but from their model numbers you can tell that they’re just variations of each other with different weapon loadouts.



Cannon fodder for the first stage, they still pop up in the second stage at regular intervals, though. Mounts a single sub-machine gun at where the “mouth” is.

C-20M Missiler

Same basic design as the C-09, except with sturdier-looking legs and a seven-pod missile launcher instead of a sub-machine gun.

C-22 Flame

A very heavily armored variation, much larger as well. Uses a flame thrower, but it’s useless unless you get REAL close to it, but seriously, would you want to?

C-18d Commander

Mini-boss for the first stage. He has both an SMG and a missile launcher, not to mention a hell lot more life and larger body. His AI is no push-over either, as he’ll use missiles at long range, and if you go too close, he’ll blow the shit out of you with his SMG.




Same design of robot. A flying sentry with a SMG and four folding panels which act as a shell to protect the SMG and it’s insides until it fires. You can still kill it easily even if it’s shell is closed. The only difference between the three models is the size.


S-08 Spider

A simple four-legged robot with light armor and not a lot of life, no idea how it attacks, probably uses melee combat. Cannon fodder for the second stage of the game.


D3-R4 Carrier

A simple flying carrier which ferries robots to the battlefield. It has no attacks, but you can kill it for extra points. They retreat after a certain period of time, and will drop C-09s. If the C-09 it dropped is destroyed before it’s retreating time, it’ll drop another one.

D3-R9 Carrier

A larger version of the R4. This guy is the mini-boss of the second stage and carries multiple I-201bs with him. He’ll drop them then leave them to fill you with holes while he drops some bomb which causes shockwaves to appear, so it’s probably a sonic weapon.

The game is pretty straight forward. Where you need to go to next is clearly marked out with little labels labeled “Next”

It couldn’t be more obvious.

After clearing all the enemies, you’ll move towards the final next label for the first stage, and a dialog will trigger.

Maana: Es, we’ve confirmed that a large mechanical body is approaching the vicinity.

Maana: It’s fire power and mass are completely different from the enemies up till now, be careful.

Well, this part of the game reminds me of Rockman, but then again, many games have these. When you’ve reached the end of the stage, it’s very obvious what happens next. Yup, it’s a BOSS BATTLE! Did you guess correctly?

Apparently, all bosses are called “Canser”s.

C-2000 Canser

This big thing is the boss of the first stage consisting of five different sections. A left arm, a right arm, two body sections and one main section. His attack pattern is pretty simple, he’ll rush at you in the form of a tackle and then he’ll turn to first fire his flamethrowers in his arms, and then fire sonic bombs, followed by beam SMGs. After you ping him and blow up both his arms and his life gets low, he’ll turn red and will start using the most powerful weapon in his arsenal, a concentrated beam cannon with a ridiculously wide beam(wut?).

The second stage is the same. When you clear out all the grunts, you’ll see another canser warning label. Except this time, Maana doesn’t speak to you, rather, a twintail tsundere will come out and start humping you and start yelling “Onee~cha~n!” and professes that she loves you more than anything else in the world, then the two of you get married, with Maana as the pastor, get a yuri H-scene, take turns to give birth to little loli Mecha Musume daughters and live happily ever after…

Yeah, right, like that’ll happen… It’s a twintail Mecha Musume, not unlike Es.

Unknown: I’ve found you, Prototype.

*GASP!* I’ve been running around as a half-complete half-assed weapon?! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Anyways, she seems to resent Es. It’s typical, isn’t it? But that makes it even more moe. *Rushes off to draw yuri doujinshi*. At any rate, she’s very similar to Es, except with a cooler backpack, more armor and two pairs of wings which act as remote weapons.

Just ping her and eventually, you’ll beat her. However, before you get to yuri rape her with your big gun, a transmission comes to her…

No Image: Stop, Eden. I will not approve of any further hostilities.

Eden: …Roger. Commencing retreat.
Aw… isn’t she just the sweetest antagonist ever? She lives to follow orders…

So now we know her name is Eden and that’s all Es will have to touch herself to until the full version is released.

Fun game, can’t wait for Comike to find someone to buy it for me. Anyone going to Comike this year? Want to buy anything for me? I’ll pay you once you come back.


1 Response to “Es”

  1. 1 Persocom-san 9 August, 2008 at 12:26 am

    This game looks cool, I’ll have to find the trial version and give it a try.

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