4koma 0003 – Fair & Square (正々堂々)

It’s Feidamu-san once again, your favorite interbutts lurking degenerate!

Jokes aside, I have completed the third strip for the 4koma, and let’s say it wasn’t very fun to do, even though the idea behind it was… Just for the record, the thing took me more than 2 hours to finish, photography and all… So, without further ado, here we have the epic fail Japanese version!

Unfortunately, I got so caught up in doing the cutting and pasting(more effort this time compared to the previous two, as you can see…) that when I realized that I still had to do an English version, it was already too late because I had already merged all the layers together with far too many steps in between to undo it, and to make matters worse, I had already closed the windows without saving them… Well, I fail again, and I deeply apologize.

To make up for it, I’ll post the script translated into English, anyone who has sufficient time on their hands and can be bothered to re-shop the whole thing into English is welcome to do so(for the sake of your fellow readers)… Here’s the script:

Panel 1:
Shin Getter 1: Getter Tomahawk!
Panel 2:
(Words at the top: Support Defense)
Atari: W, What is this?!
Panel 3:
(Words at the top: Moe Loli Meganekko)
Shin Getter 1: What the?!
Panel 4:
Shin Getter 1: That’s cheating isn’t it?!
Nanoha: Not at all, it’s a Support Defense coupled with Special Ability~
Atari: *Crying(It’s no longer cute in English, I feel, so I’m just putting “crying”)*
Nu Gundam: There there, don’t cry…

While I know it is my fault, I am not redoing this into English because I have already stated before “it wasn’t very fun”…

I did learn a couple of things from this experience:
1) Always translate the script first, so I won’t forget I still need to do an English version
2) Crying is an underestimated ability for moe charas…
3) Photoshop is not as hard to use as I thought, maybe I’m getting the hang of it
5) Nanoha-san is taller than Shin Getter…

Hopefully, you enjoy this… Please?

Blogger is being a friggin’ pain in a bitch’s ass having some problems (not sure who’s at fault here…), so I can’t put up a new poll at the moment, but I’ll just leave the question here anyways…

Do you get so engrossed in doing something that you completely forget to do other stuff, even if it’s related to the task at hand?


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