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Figure Announcements: Not healthy for one’s credit card

Yay, I finally resume trolling 2chan to bring more figure announcements to readers… Quite a number this round, so let’s get the ball rolling!
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4koma No. 0006 – Everything is Australia (全てはオーストラリア)

I finally finished the sixth installment, which wasn’t easy because I had to avoid being caught while doing it. Anyways, here it is in epic fail Japanese and layman’s english. This one is a nod at my new Team Blue comrades, who have their own set of memes which rival /b/’s…

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Destiny Ippaisugi

I still need the Set 18 one...

I still need the Set 18 one... Promo ver. on the left, Dramatic Booster ver. on the right

Seeing as I still have to wait for any news about my holiday job application, i decided to look around my room, which I haven’t gotten around to packing yet. I found my old Gundam War cards from back when I was a card playing junkie… And as you can see, I couldn’t resist taking this shot. The one on the left is the one from my deck, while the one on the right sits in the album. However, unlike Yu-Gi-oh!other card games which feature different art for completely identical cards, these are actually different from each other. I wonder if I should just resume buying them for collection…

Arrived at WordPress

Yay, I’m on wordpress… Did everyone update their links? I’ll still be tweaking here and there, and I still have yet to finish inserting “More” buttons into older posts… Anyways, I’m on wordpress, and off blogger!

4koma No. 0005 – Rare(Ecchi) Item (レアアイテム)

Caution, this post is considered NSFW, but it’s not like we care, right? Just don’t read it if anyone in your vicinity is a prude.

I would have finished this earlier, but I was worried about getting caught, but anyways, here it is. Available in epic fail Japanese and layman’s English, as per usual.

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Natsu Matsuri 2008

Before I start, I’ll warn that this is a very (blurry) picture intensive post, this kind of post makes me wish I had the post breaking thingy, so I may consider moving to wordpress, but that would mean re-uploading all my pictures, but at least I won’t cause lag for interbutt users.

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Ok, cookies for anyone who can tell where I ripped off the title from.

The title has no relation whatsoever to what this post is about, so I’ll cut straight to the chase. I’ve just finished my exams on Tuesday, but I spent the whole of today playing Devil May Cry 4(my mother thinks the game is interesting, much to my chagrin), Magical Battle Arena and Battle Moon Wars, so I didn’t manage to get anything done. If I don’t get a job offer this week, I will most likely spend tomorrow morning playing DMC4 again, and only resume work on the 4koma, which stopped at the 4th installment. I’ve decided that every 5th10th installment will be a special strip, something like your Sunday comic strips, so it may not be 4 panels. Keep an eye out for it sometime this weekend, because I’m going back to my weekly posting, but this time I’ll do it on Saturday. May be delayed because I screwed up the special I intended, it just doesn’t cut it if it’s not a video, plus I lack the l33t skills to make a stop motion video.

+9999 Flag of Ecchi-ness VS +9999 Sword of Evil Smiting

As of 28th June 2009, フェイダムさん is now dead.

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