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I am bored(curse these 3 hour lunch breaks) with no access to eroge or 3d Custom Shoujo(curse the ban on Pr0n), so I did a little thinking about the future of this blog, and I find just calling it Feidamu and being Feidamu-san sounds a little plain. So I was thinking of changing the blog’s name to something funnier(the sub-title may change as well). So far all I’ve thought of is Ecchi Shokun Lolikon Feidamu-san(エッチ諸君ロリコンフェイダムさん). Anyone has any ideas?

I highly enjoy this post. Sip *Takes 25 poison damage*

No lulzy picture for now until I get home, so you’ll have to make do with a HQ version of nanohasip.jpg.


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