Nanoha-san Goes to Town

Was bored today, so I decided to meet up with a friend of mine and at the same time go pick up a revoltech Shin Getter 1 (Sekai Saigo no Hi Version) for a reference point for my costume.

So I stopped playing Touhou 10 Mountain of Faith at 1145 hours, packed my camera, Playstation Portable, camera, cellphone in Sukumizu holder and Nanoha-san. Due to space constraints and security reasons, I only took Nanoha-san in her default face, open hands, and without the additional skirt piece. At around 1200 hours, we set off onto the train to China Square Central…

After we got there, I first went to Toyntoys’ retail showroom to search for Shin Getter, but they didn’t have him, so I moved on to Ng’s Collection, but Uncle Ng didn’t have it either… I then went to Utoys and found him there in a glass cabinet (not sure if it was a Detolf or not) picked one up and then went back to the ground floor to wait for my friend.

After he arrived, I picked up my copy of the August issue of Dengeki Hime from him, and we walked around the places which I already visited before meeting up with him, save Vincent’s Collection.

Afterwhich, he went to meet up with another one of his friends (he was already with two of his friends, I played gooseberry) while I went down to take a bus to Kare Kanojou no Mise (or KKnM for short) to see if they were still taking pre-orders for the Figma Fate T. Harlaown. On the bus, Nanoha-san decided she wanted out, so I willingly obliged and took her out of her box.

Nanoha-san sitting in her travel case, isn’t she just precious?

Nanoha-san rides in my pocket. Unfortunately, I couldn’t decent shot with the camera turned backwards…

When we got to our destination, I got bored waiting for the traffic light to turn red, so I decided to take out the camera and start taking pictures.

That’s our destination, the big white building, not the tree…

Much closer now…

By the way, it’s wrong to jaywalk, not to mention dangerous as well, but Feidamu-san fails as a human being and is impatient, so I do it anyways, seeing as hardly anyone drives along that road anyways.

After getting to KKnM, I was shocked and horrified to find out that not only had they closed their pre-orders for Fate-san, but they were fully booked as well! Ah, nothing to fear, I can always get her from Latendo or order her from Max Factory directly (Curse you for not taking pre-orders, Toyntoys)… Had I known, I wouldn’t even have bothered getting off the bus and just head straight home.

On the ride home, a couple of kids a couple of years younger than Feidamu-san noticed Nanoha-san riding in my pocket, and they went “LOL, WTF”, but it wasn’t as bad a one lady who looked at me with a “Excuse me, WTF are you doing” on the way to town because I had my camera hanging around my neck and the strap of my Sukumizu holder around my neck leading into a pocket. It was Nanoha-san’s first ride on a bus, so she wanted to watch the scenery the bus passed by, but unfortunately the only shots I could get was whenever the bus stopped at bus stops…

More pocket riding, Nanoha-san is either lazy or fond of me…

Nanoha-san looks out the window…

After a while, Nanoha-san decided that she had enough for the day, and retired to her box for her afternoon nap.

Oyasumi, Nanoha-san…

And so endth Nanoha-san’s Bizarre Adventure (なのはさん奇妙な冒険). Perhaps Nanoha-san will go to town again, perhaps someone will be going in her stead, but no two figures will be going together, because the lulz and epickness are just not worth the risk and bother…

By the way, time’s up for the poll, but for some reason the poll’s timer isn’t using GMT +8 even though my settings are such. I’ll be taking it down shortly after posting this. As the 4koma itself, I’ll try to do at least the photography by today and try shopping it latest by tomorrow morning, because I still have a project which needs attention.


1 Response to “Nanoha-san Goes to Town”

  1. 1 gordon 19 July, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    why don’t u use the figma bag? u can put everything in there. ^^;

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