Figma Doala Home Version

Fans of Japanese baseball… Max Factory has a new item for you…

Discovered while once again trolling the various threads of 2chan… Feidamu-san has discovered a post on the Chunichi Dragon’s mascot character, Doala… (Cute blue Koala)

Max Factory will be releasing a Figma Doala Home Version, I don’t understand why you need a Home suit and an Away one, but seeing as I don’t play sports, that’s a mystery I’ll never be able to comprehend… Anyone here who can explain to us why?

Kinda looks like he’s stuck between sitting and squatting…

Close-up… Don’t hit me with a foul ball… Please?

Either ways, the main question remains for you people out there… WANT or DO NOT WANT? Personally I won’t be getting it, even though the head is cute, and Nanoha-san will finally be able to play baseball… Even for the gag value, I don’t think any amount of gag value is worth 2,500 yen (Which converts to about… SGD 32.50, BEFORE shipping and credit card handling)…

What do you Figma collectors out there think? Get it for completing your Figma set, get it because you like it, or pass and ignore the gap in your collection?

Pre-orders open today, and Doala will ship on the 25th September this year.

Post on 2chan here, post and more pictures on Akiba Souken here.


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