4koma Update

Well, with much support from friendly comrades from Danny Choo, and the people who left comments, namely najica (No idea who you are, sorry…), Gordon (who I’ve already met twice in person, not bad for a blogging n00b) and Certifiably Insane (who I see about once a week), I have decided to go ahead with the 4koma idea, unless someone stops me before that. Anyways, I’ve set the deadline for the poll for this Caturday afternoon (12:01 +8 GMT, to be exact…), so if anyone else wants to vote, please do so before that date and time.

Anyways, even if I do start the 4koma, I need ideas for a first comic. So, forces of darkness, arise and aid the world in this time of need(Shamelessly referenced from Inukami!… Not accurate, though)! Anyways, someone drop an idea, maybe? I may or may not post this on DC, but that depends if I can get a pose from my figures worthy of the epickness of DC.com…

Here are ideas I’ve gotten so far…
1) Nyoro~n, given by lostandfound on DC.com (He lives in a UFO catcher, so he must be the spirit who blesses people who manage to get anything. Must find out which one…)
2) Loli harem with a shota lead, given by C.I. (Have tons of lolis in the form of Busou Shinkis although they aren’t that flat, Figma Nanoha is unusually flat compared to her anime and manga counterparts IMO)

So, anyone wants to provide any suggestions? If anyone wants requests, Feidamu-san DOES do them. Just drop a comment or use the tagboard, Feidamu-san doesn’t mind either way. I’ll be sure to give credit where it’s due.

No pictures this time due to just having seared all the skin off my hands with a hot glue gun, on the bright side, I no longer have any skin for blisters to form on my hands… YAY!

Just kidding, it’s just a small spot on the back of my left hand. Here’s a shot for lulz…

At least she won’t tell him to cool his head…

B.T.W. If you’re reading this, Gordon and najica, do you mind if I link to you?


1 Response to “4koma Update”

  1. 1 najica 16 July, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    Good luck with your 4koma ^^ And i dont mind you linking to my blog :3 i’ll do the same o/

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