Docchi ga kateru ka? Shiro Akuma ka? Moshikashite Shiro Akuma?

Well, Feidamu-san is bored. So Feidamu-san is putting up a little question for the readers. Feidamu-san wants to start a 4koma on the blog. But if Feidamu-san does, Feidamu-san doesn’t want to waste Feidamu-san’s effort. So Feidamu-san will ask now. Do readers want Feidamu-san to start a 4koma using Feidamu-san’s measly collection of figures and Gunpla? Feidamu-san will also do requests. Come on, don’t leave Feidamu-san hanging, the tagboard is there for you to voice your opinions, along with the comment tab. Will put up a poll for the convenience of readers and Feidamu-san when Feidamu-san makes Feidamu-san’s decision. CAST YOUR VOTES NAO!

Sorry, no cookies…


2 Responses to “4koma”

  1. 1 najica 14 July, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    I think you should do it 😛 If you want to (and likes to do it) do it ^_^ Even a busy person should be able to find some time over for fun stuff (^^)b

  2. 2 gordon 15 July, 2008 at 10:07 am

    i say do it and see how’s the response. if good, by all means carry on. ^^;

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