Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Device Metal Charm Collection 01 & 02 – Raising Heart Exelion & Schwertkreuz

Well, I got a new item in the mail today. It’s was my Device Metal Charm Collection 2 Schwertkreuz. I already had Raising Heart for a while, but that was before I started this blog, and get this: Among everyone I know, I’m the only person who bought Raising Heart. It’s lonely being a die-hard fan of the show and the Seiyuus… Anyways, let’s get on with the review… To help me review die-cast beauties, Nanoha-san had agreed to help me hold them while I took blurry close-ups with my crapmera.

Green is for headphones, Red is for mic attached to headphones

Anyways, here we go… First up, Raising Heart Exelion Buster Mode!

Chotto! Sakasa dewa arimasenka?! Maa~ Iidesuyo…

I have no explaination of why it’s upside-down, except that it’s top heavy. Anyways, the staff is very nicely made, and nicely finished as well. The painting is well done, and doesn’t scratch off unless you use a high-speed drill (no, don’t try it. if the price tag doesn’t stop you, your fellow otaku will)… My only complaint is that whole thing is shiny, so be careful when handling it. Don’t touch the head unless you want to whip out a polishing cloth and clean off your fingerprints. Raising Heart’s core is a sphere of clear red plastic, not glass, unfortunately, but you save a couple of Yen or your local currency in shipping, and seeing as Feidamu-san doesn’t live in Japan, what I save paying Animate with, I give to V-Post (Yup, I’m shamelessly advertising my source’s importer).

Those are my fingers in the reflection, by the way…

Also included is a little charm which is printed (not engraved, unlike the reverse side with the copyright stuff) with the Mid-Childa magic circle, and as Certifiably Insane says, people do fap to that (no idea how, so don’t ask). Anyways, as the you can see the thing is as shiny as a certain white devil’s OOOO (drop a comment if you want to know what I’ve censored, for the safety of minors lurking, please do not use the tagboard). So I naturally am not stupid enough to turn on the flash.

Dekai! Nanoha-san no koto wo zen zen mienai!

Included also is this nifty card with the StrikerS’ logo printed on it. It’s basically a card that has legal stuff on it and instructions on how to properly care for your Charm.

Next up, Schwertkreuz…

Okashii ne… Sukoshi… Atama hiyasou…

Ok, jokes aside… Schwertkreuz is a bitch to spell, that’s all I can say. Furthermore, the correct pronunciation is impossible for people who cannot read German or Japanese… The correct is way to read it in Japanese is シュベルトクロイツ (Shuberutokuroitsu). I can’t translate it into proper German pronunciation because I can’t read German plus the fact I have no idea how to write pronunciations like dictionaries.

The staff itself is well made, although I could have sworn the middle point was longer than the side ones. Same complaint with Raising Heart, it’s just freakin’ shiny… but my comparison coupled with my current desktop background is just helping my mind make health-care material… Not that it hasn’t happened before.

Kagami wa ippai sugi…

Like the charm that came with Raising Heart, Schwertkreuz has it’s own charm as well, albeit a Belka/Velka (Choose one, can’t remember the proper romanization, seeing as I always read it as katakana, in which case it’s the same: ベルカ… Mmm… Vita-chan…). In-jokes aside, the thing is also printed, much to my disappointment… Maybe they just don’t want to ruin the shininess of the thing.

A nice way to start your anime episodes…

Schwertkreuz also comes with it’s care manual which consists of one cardboard card which is more or less identical to the one that came with Raising Heart, but I wouldn’t know because I didn’t read the back of the cards, but they look the same from the front. By the way, I took this picture using the Portrait setting on my camera, as opposed to the Self-Portrait I’ve been using for the previous pictures, can anyone tell me which is better for close-ups?

Not pictured are little straps which you can clip on your staves or charms to and then hang them on your favorite portable device which can have accessories hung onto them.

I put a lot reasonable amount of effort into doing this review, what with my brother constantly getting me to check system processes for him and having to study for my elementary Japanese exam… Feidamu-san delivers nano! YES, IT GOES INTO ALL FIELDS, NO EXCEPTIONS, EVEN N-FIELDS AND AT-FIELDS… Enjoy your weekend nano!


3 Responses to “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Device Metal Charm Collection 01 & 02 – Raising Heart Exelion & Schwertkreuz”

  1. 1 フェイダムさん 14 July, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    Thanks dude. 2.0 this year… don’t forget, horny nigouki coming your way. Twin tail tsundere included with every purchase…

  2. 2 ArkxkrA 19 July, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    how you buy the Metal charm collection?

  3. 3 フェイダムさん 19 July, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    @ arkxkra

    I got a friend of mine to help me order them from Animate itself and ship it in, since I don’t have a credit card.

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