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I am bored(curse these 3 hour lunch breaks) with no access to eroge or 3d Custom Shoujo(curse the ban on Pr0n), so I did a little thinking about the future of this blog, and I find just calling it Feidamu and being Feidamu-san sounds a little plain. So I was thinking of changing the blog’s name to something funnier(the sub-title may change as well). So far all I’ve thought of is Ecchi Shokun Lolikon Feidamu-san(エッチ諸君ロリコンフェイダムさん). Anyone has any ideas?

I highly enjoy this post. Sip *Takes 25 poison damage*

No lulzy picture for now until I get home, so you’ll have to make do with a HQ version of nanohasip.jpg.


4koma No. 0002 – Drink It (飲め)

As promised, here’s the second installment of Feidamu-san’s 4koma! Once again available in epic fail Japanese and layman’s English…

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Ready Your Credit Cards…

Because Feidamu-san has found multiple threads on figures this trolling run…

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Alter 1/8 Djibril Zero Figure

Second post for today, blame 2chan for posting new threads so frequently…

Alter is coming out with a figure of Djibril Zero from Makai Tenshi Djibril -episode 3-(魔界天使ジブリール). Djibril Zero, or Jinno Nagi-chan is really cute, with white hair and maroon eyes.

Unfortunately, you would probably have noticed that she’s mounted on her knee, and the tight costume would probably mean that she’s not cast-offable, but this is good enough for me (Shiro Sukumizu). The pose is also very moe-some, which makes it even more WANT.

Djibril Zero-chan is going for 5,800円 untaxed(6,090 taxed) and will be released in November this year.

2chan thread(スレ) here, My ComiJournal post here and Alter’s page on Djibril Zero-chan here.

FREEing 1/4 Scale Asakura Ryouko Bunny Version

Trolling around 2chan once again, Feidamu-san has found this delicious figure of Asakura Ryouko-san from the anime/light novel series Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu(涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱). I’ll admit I never watched it (waits for “Why not?”) and I’ll also say that I think Haruhi is a bitch (dodges all incoming projectiles).

Ryouko-san is well nicely sculpted, as you can see, but she’s a 1/4 scale, which means she’s a whopping 320mm long… With a 11,800円 price tag, before tax, I’ll have you know… Ryouko-san will be released in September this year by FREEing.

Anyways, fishnet stockings and bunny suits are too much for me to resist, so I’m posting this anyway. Also, I think Ryouko is very underused as a secondary character rather than a main one…

Kane wa tarimasen…

Well, fanboys and fangirls, you may now begin to flame Feidamu-san for not liking Haruhi…

I have a really big headache now, so I’m not in the mood to play with you people who might want to flame me. By the way, 4koma should be done by this Saturday or Sunday, or maybe Friday night (+8 GMT).

Post on 2chan here, Good Smile’s page on it here, FREEing’s page on it here.

Yotsunoha 1/6 Nekomiya Nono

Trolled 2chan‘s board again, and stumbled across something which I failed to notice yesterday, either that or my timing was off…

Anyways, Kotobukiya is coming out with this uber-cute and absolutely moe-licious figure of Nekomiya Nono-chan from the eroge Yotsunoha (よつのは). I’ve never played it before, but just from looking at the figure I have already fallen in love with it (or lust, whatever). The expression on her face is also very cute, giving that “Onii-cha~n” look that most otaku have a weakness for (Feidamu-san is no exception, although I go for “Otou-cha~n” looks as well…). Judging from the way she’s holding her Sukumizu, I’m going to guess you can see her eyes, and maybe even her pupils…

Loli + Nekomimi + Nekoshippo + Sukumizu + Over-knee Socks + Bells + Ribbons = Epic Win

Done drooling? I know I have…

This cute figure goes on sale on the 3rd of August, at a special price of 6,000 Yen at Wonfes or at a limited time only price of 6,090 Yen at Kotobukiya Shop.

By the way, this white version is a Wonfes Genteiban item, so you can only get it during that time (or buy it second-hand), but don’t fret, there is a normal black Sukumizu one, but I find the white one more moe. GA Graphic has more pictures of it. It’s a WANT, but I can’t afford it nor afford to go to Wonfes… What about you? WANT or DO NOT WANT?

2chan thread here and GA Graphic post here, Kotobukiya Shop’s pre-order for the standard black Sukumizu here

Tried finding a link for the Genteiban version’s pre-order, but I couldn’t. Feidamu-san apologizes for failing to deliver, Feidamu-san will now get Starlight Breakered…

4koma No. 0001 – Where’s the Sazabi (サザビはどこ?)

Well, I finished the first 4koma strip… Available in both layman’s English and epic fail Japanese with most likely horrible grammer…

By the way, I only noticed that the image wasn’t centered until I was done with the English version, so the Japanese version’s image is off to the left. (Image as in the panels themselves, not the entire thing…)

Anyways, let’s see the response for this one before I decide if I should continue, as Gordon suggests…

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As of 28th June 2009, フェイダムさん is now dead.

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