Mobile Suit in Action Gundam TR-1 Hazel Custom Review

The second piece of merchandise I picked up from the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention is this ridiculously cheap Gundam TR-1 Hazel Custom for only $15.


I did this photo shoot two parts, one at night yesterday, and one this afternoon. I wasn’t very satisfied with what I got yesterday, so I did some more today. This will explain the differences in lighting.

Hazel is actually quite a basic mobile suit. Equipped with your standard beam rifle, beam saber and shield. Here’s a picture of Hazel right out of the box.

Maybe Hazel Custom’s color scheme inspired Anaheim to paint Nu that way.

And here’s a picture of Hazel from the back.


Just in case you were wondering, Hazel is from the Advance of Zeta: Flag of the Titans side-story. Hazel was built by the Titans as part of it’s TR project. All the TR units are piloted by the Titans Test Team. The emblem of the Titans Test Team is a bunny, so all their units have an emblem of a bunny in various poses and colors. Ironically, one member of the Team dislikes small animals. Why a rabbit? If I had to make a guess, I would say it’s because the leader owns one.

Heizuru, hasshin junbi kanryou

Hazel comes with an additional backpack which is used has additional boosters. This backpack is part of it’s additional equipment, along with the boosters on it’s legs. However, only the backpack is additional equipment here.

Fuller view

Different angles provide endless amounts entertainment… and work…

Hazel’s beam rifle is slightly different from the standard beam rifle design. In a way, it looks more like an SMG rather than a rifle.

Can you tell which I did yesterday and today?

Hazel’s beam rifle has a secondary handle which can be pulled up for the left hand to hold. I’m guessing this will stabilize the rifle, but is there a need to do so with a robot?

A rifle pose made popular among New School fans by Kira…

Another thing about Hazel is that it comes with two beam rifles instead of just one.

Furthermore, the beam rifles can be stored on the hip skirt armor.

Hazel comes with one beam saber which is mounted on it’s backpack. One thing about the beam saber is that if you don’t push it into the slot properly, it tends to fall out.

Biimu Saberu da!

Kakutou sen dakara konna hazu da!

Hazel comes with interchangeable collar armor. It can be interchanged between it’s normal form, multi-target launchers or handle grips.

Normal form.

Multi-target launchers, most likely for threatening purposes

Handle grips for… gripping…

Hazel can be equipped with shield boosters for additional speed, plus these can double as shields as well.

Why, Hazel… Such big shields you have. The better to hit you with, my dear…

When traveling with the shield boosters, Hazel holds on to the handle grips which extend out from it’s collar.

Yes, it is possible to hold them, just keep trying.

The shield mounts have two mounts on them, so if you have more shield boosters, you can put them on.

This looks a lot like TR-5…

Overall, Hazel is a nice looking mobile suit, and definitely a must for anyone who collects MSiA figures. The articulation is amazing on this figure, and if you can spend your day playing with posable figures, you will probably spend quite a while on Hazel.


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