Singapore Toy & Comic Convention

Well, as promised, here’s my coverage of day 1 of the Singapore Toys & Comic Convention!

First up, I met up with a friend of mine, Certifiably Insane (CI), at Kinokuniya Orchard since he wanted to pick up the latest english issue of Hayate No Gotoku. After which we headed down for lunch, and we made sure to fund Colonel Sanders’ war efforts against the Red Headed Empire (or Dan Dan Duu). Immediately after which we headed down to the event itself. We headed down for CI to pick up his passport, which entitles you to redeem free stuff and get even more stuff if you get all eight stamps, however, you can only get half of the stamps on the first day and the other half on the second day. Seeing as I didn’t bother to pre-register online, I didn’t get a passport, saving me a bit of time from collecting the stamps, but none when it came to redemption considering I tagged along with CI and his comrades in redemption.

While looking around for stamps, we passed by The Falcon’s Hanger which was just beside the Passion Marketing booth, so while he went to collect his stamps, I bought myself a Mobile Suit in Action(MSiA) Gundam TR-1 Hazel Custom and a Atari X Autorooper figure, which cost me $15 and $20 respectively. Satisfied, we moved on.

Next up, we headed down to Collateral Damage Studios‘ booth so CI could pick up a copy of their Original Soundtrack(OST) and sample booklet which cost him $25. I was tempted to buy a set of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS CGs, but fortunately, they were out of stock. Reason of why it was a good thing will wait for later.

After more stamp hunting, CI got a call from a friend of his and we were headed back to Nintendo’s booth to begin the Quest For The Free Redemption Item (Requires level 50, available to all factions and races). Heading back, we passed by The Falcon Hanger’s booth again, except this time I spotted two things which I didn’t before: 1/144 Star GaoGaiGar Gatling Driver docked and 1/144 System Change Capable Goldymarg (Yes, me be big GGG fan). I only brought $50 with me, not including spare cash, so I was strapped for some cash (I’d already used $35 earlier, remember?). Thankfully, CI had just enough to lend me and thus my problem was resolved. Star GaoGaiGar was labeled $40 and Goldymarg $25, but the “technicians” at the hanger were nice people, so they sold them to me together for $50.

When we got back to the Nintendo booth to form a party and being the quest. We were in line for more than half an hour, thus the Live Action version of Byousoku 5 Senchimeetoru was created, if we were even close to that speed. We were in line in hopes of getting limited edition Gunpla made to resemble their 60s counterparts on a much smaller scale or at least Gundam Fortune Cookies, but we were rewarded for our efforts with a block of tofu with a body.

After receiving our daily dosage of tofu, we headed down to the Wizards of the Coast booth to collect free “Noob Decks”, but unfortunately, we had to wait for a while. Sick of waiting, we moved on to the stage where we met up with Gordon. We then sat through the second round of the cosplay competition. During which I took some pictures and then a couple of videos which could have been longer but my cellphone had limited amounts of memory (May it burn in hellfire and brimstone).

After which CI, Gordon and I went home, with the rest of them in queue in hopes of getting Negima! Figumates.

Here’s a few pictures from the cosplay competition. Forgive the utmost unspeakable horrible quality.

Ultra Seven and a Vulcan I can’t remember the name of (Not Spock)

Ultra Seven waves at the crowd while a local Jedi Master preps his lightsaber and Godzilla stones

All three of them now stoning

The Vulcan, Commander B. and a local Dark Jedi Master

Poses for the crowd

Vulcan Versus Giant of Light, who wins the coolness contest?

Godzilla: /facepalm


G-G-Godzilla Beam!

This isn’t the Enterprise… Where are we?

I didn’t do anything!

Stop pointing at me!

Sergeant Anon (Some Ghost Recon guy, someone enlighten me)

Ultra Seven: Wanna go out? Godzilla: Oh, I would absolutely love to!

Godzilla emo-ing

Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong!


No, not going to shoot himself…

Sir, bad news. Johnson’s pacemaker got shorted by the EMP field again.


Mata ka yo?!

Not the best position to be in…


Well, that’s it. Videos will not be posted on Youtube or NicoNico due to time constraints. Videos can be requested to be e-mailed to them though, but I’ve forgotten the order in which they were taken, so the numbering is all wrong.

At any rate, I won’t be attending Day 2 as I have Japanese classes which begin in slightly less than 14 hours. I hope anyone who’s going will enjoy themselves more than I did with my crappy cellphone camera.

What I bought from the convention will be posted sometime within the next week, so don’t wait up.


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