Singapore Toy & Comic Convention Haul

Ok, I’m back with some photos of the stuff I got at day 1 of the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention. The total amount of money I spent there was $85.

First up, this nicely made box for the Atari x Autorooper figure I mentioned. All the stuff I bought were from The Falcon’s Hanger, and I was too lazy to remove the price tag. $20 sounds like a steal for an empty box to you?

Text on box: …Sonna ni nozokanai de kudasai…

Just kidding, the box did come with stuff, although I already emptied out the contents. Atari and Autorooper are on my rack, and the drama CD is on my desk.

I’m afraid of that big desktop on the other table…

Next out of the bag is the Mobile Suit in Action Gundam TR-1 Hazel (Pronounced Heizuru) Custom… Contents have already been removed and inspected.

Designed in Japan, Made in China

As the price tag states, I snagged this for a measly $15, which converts to a mere ¥1154, give or take a few Yen, and accurate for the current exchange rate at the time of posting. In case you want to know the normal pricing, I saw this a few months back in OG at Bugis for around $45 to $55.

Beam rifle blocking his face, Hazel is not pleased…

Hazel comes with a beam saber (Saberu), two beam rifles (Raifuru), a normal shield (Shiirudo), three shield boosters (Shiirudo Buusutaa) and interchangeable parts on his collar, which I have no idea what and am too lazy to read up on them.

After Hazel, I found this beauty of pure hot-bloodedness (Nekketsu) and courage (Yuuki) which for some reason was not noticed earlier by this Old School Mecha fan.


Star GaoGaiGar 1/144 model kit. Given that GaoGaiGar is about twice the size of your average Gundam, I estimate that this will be about the size of a 1/100 Gundam model kit. This kit comes with zero stickers, and not all the parts are correctly colored, so I’ll have to pick up some paint, top coat and super clear before working on this.

Gorudion Hanmaa, hatsudou, shounin!

Likewise, this 1/144 Goldymarg Be Able to System Change Goldion Hammer Connected model kit is not fully colored and likewise does not come with stickers. So I’ll need a while to gather materials to build this together with Star GaoGaiGar.

There are various items which I regret not getting due to financial constraints, anyone want to buy them for me?
1) Mazinger Z figure from The Falcon’s Hanger. They were selling it at $35
2) Tamashii Spec Evangelion 01. Going at $75
3) Tamashii Spec Evangelion 00. Same price.
4) Tamashii Spec Evangelion 02. Same price.
5) Soul of Chogokin Evangelion 00. Same price.
6) Evangelion 01 F-Type Equipment figure. $65
7) Shin Musha Gundam. $75 from Rapid Culture’s booth.
8) Gundam Fix Figuration Perfect Gundam. $40 from the Hanger.

Fret not internet, reviews will be coming shortly. I’ll be doing a review for my Atari x Autorooper later when I get back from Japanese class. Speaking of which, I’d better get started on my homework for that class.


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