Atari x Autorooper Review

Well, as promised, here’s my review of the Atari x Autorooper figure I picked up during the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008.

Everyone’s seen this already…

Here’s how Atari looks like from the front…

and the back…

And as a bonus to you Megane otaku, Atari is a meganekko, so Takari Tomy earns some points here. Furthermore, due to the way Atari is positioned, you can get a couple of panchira shots in. I only got those because I placed my camera on the same level as her as to avoid shaking it and ruining the photo.


As you can see, close-ups are kinda blurred, this is not because my hands are trembling, but because my camera wasn’t meant to take such close pictures. Which means I need to get a new camera in the near future.

Atari also has an armband on her right arm, which says E.D.C 子. E.D.C stands for Earth Defence Command, and 子 means child in Japanese, so this pretty much means she’s a child worker for the Earth Defence Command.

This armband means that you are a legal child labourer in service to your local military.

Very well sculpted figure. As expect of a company who’s been in the business for over 40 years already. Next up, we have the lucky recipient of Atari’s kisses; Autorooper.

The Autorooper included in this figure is very well articulated for it’s size and is of decent quality. However, this isn’t your fully articulated transformer, this is just a small dinky version.

Sound your siren to be able to ignore most traffic laws. Transform to ignore even more.

The painting done on Autorooper is nicely done for something it’s size, and deserves much praise.

Oops, I didn’t notice that his arm was upside-down. No, that’s not a mini-gun.

The transformation sequence is comparable to it’s larger counterpart and the Transformers Binaltech line of products. If only, the legs were of the same quality instead of being hollow, this makes balancing Autorooper a very hard thing to do. Also, when transforming Autorooper, be careful about the arms, they are attached by clips on rods. Don’t worry, they are just as easy to reattach as easy as it is to remove them.

The arm is upright now…

No more panchira for you!

The figure also comes with a Drama CD which contains episodes 6 to 10 of Transformers Kiss Play, which is essentially the three main characters talking about themselves and their Transformer partners. Melissa’s are by far the funniest as whenever she says something borderline dangerous, the background becomes very quiet and her voice has an echo effect. Also included in the disc are a special track in which Autorooper enters Atari (Interpret it as you will) and a special message from Atari’s seiyuu; Akesaka Satomi.

With a face that cute, what sentient robot can refuse?

Overall, this is a very good effort from Takara Tomy. They managed to satisfy the needs of Transformer fans from multiple angles: Cool mecha, cute girls and H-action! While not a must for normal otaku, this is probably a must for any Transformer fan. If not for Autorooper, then for this cute figure of Atari, which can probably be used with the larger Autorooper. The Drama CD is also a very big bonus for anyone following the Kiss Players storyline. Don’t you love the way girls in uniform have cute mini-skirts?

Furasshu wa dame!

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