First Post

Well, hello there internet. This is some random Anime/Figure blogger wasting the time of millions of people who randomly travel from blog to blog through random links. At any rate, I’m new to this Anime blogging thing. After tagging along with an anime blogger friend of mine and meeting some of his anime blogger friends, I kinda feel left out of the whole Otaku community in this little conservative hell hole of a country, where just about everyone is against or completely curious about otakuism.

At any rate, I’ll clear up some confusion as we go along and define what I have planned for this blog.
1) I will almost not be talking about anime, we have omnipotent beings like Dark Mirage for that.
2) I’ll mostly be reviewing my limited number of figures using a pathetic little compact camera which I have. No proper backdrops as well. Well, I have a budget, so I’m very sorry.
3) Relating to figures, I have a preference for old stuff, so I hope you people don’t mind a review for a figure that is over 10 years old, if not older.
4) I’m poor, so don’t expect much stuff.
5) I’ll also be providing coverage for events which I have gone to.

Also, I hope companies don’t mind if I link to figure orders on their websites.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be posting in a few minutes with my pathetic half day coverage of the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention to which I forgot to take my compact camera, so all the photos are shot with my cellphone’s crappy camera. Even worse stuff are made using screenshots taken from video made using said cellphone camera.

By the way, the layout will remain this way for a while until I Dreamweaver on my laptop.Screw Dreamweaver…


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