1st Anniversary & Death

Feidamu turns 1 today. Well, I haven’t had much traffic throughout this one year of blogging, then again, I hardly do enough of it to actually generate decent traffic. Also, idealism doesn’t work very well either, neither does constructive critisism.



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Fruits of My Labours?

Well, if it wasn’t for comrade kazearashi, I would have completely forgotten about this.



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Every dad needs a kid. Without a kid, you ain't a dad.

Every dad needs a kid. Without a kid, you ain't a dad.

Happy Father’s Day to you dads out there. I hope you bonded with your kids enough to let them see purpose in even celebrating this day with you. I never did bond properly with my father, so I’m not going to follow in his footsteps when it’s my turn to be a parent.

Enjoy your day with your family!




Rearranged my shelves so I can fit more figures into my room, and since the boxes were in easy reach, I decided to take a picture of two of my more delicious figures. My first time opening these 2, even though they are 2 of my most expensive figures. Oh well, makes some sense not to fiddle around with them too much.

Here’s one for you: If two girls who looked hawt or uber cute in swimsuits asked you to take them to the beach, what would you do? And if the beach was empty except for the three of you, what would you do then?

Full Set Getto!


Finally got the full set, since last Sunday… Got a total of 4 extras in the process, at least it beats the UFO catcher, where you don’t always get something. Just a teaser for now, even though I have a relatively free week, I have other more important things to do. I’ll do the rest when I feel like it.

Don’t ask for the extras, I know what I’m going to do with them. I wasn’t really paying attention to where Nena’s eyes were facing, so I apologize for the epic fail.

4koma No. 0011 – Take It (受け入れ)

After a long time of apathy (and a substantial amount of writer’s block), フェイダムさん has come up with a new 4koma installment! No, this isn’t Second Season…


Enjoy the stupidity that is me… As usual, click on image for full 1000×3200 resolution. Best viewed in 4×3 pixels.

There’re a couple of references in this one, an additional slice of caek for the first person who can identify them both.

Figure Releases #10

After a prolonged absence of giving you somewhat outdated figure news, your not-so-friendly フェイダムさん is here to take more ridicule! Ok, jokes aside, here’s the news.

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As of 28th June 2009, フェイダムさん is now dead.

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